The Jay DeFeo MFA Prize at Mills College

In addition to establishing the Jay DeFeo Foundation, the artist’s will endowed the Jay DeFeo MFA Prize at Mills College, a separate and additional instrument of her philanthropy. The college administers and awards the Prize annually to one (or more) graduating Master of Fine Arts student(s) in Studio Art.

Awardees to date are:

1992: Linda Armitage

1993: Kathryn Spence

1994: Tammy Lu

1995: James Gouldthorpe

1996: Susan Preston

1997: Betsy Schneider

1998: Cee Dent and Elizabeth Jameson

1999: Matthew Scheatzle and Robert Lieber

2000: Daniel Barber and Cassie Davis

2001: Diane Jones

2002: Alesha Fiandaca and Seth Koen

2003: Nomi Talisman, Rosana Castrillo Diaz, Soffia Saemundsdottir

2004: Julia Page and Robert Lawless

2005: Tonya Solley Thornton, Michael Smit, Laura Paulini

2006: Amy Rueffert, Diana Guerrero, Krishna Khalsa

2007: Ginelle Hustrulid

2008: David Linger, Sandra Ono, Joanne Hashitani

2009: Leigh Merrill, Andrew Witrak, Steuart Pittman

2010: Monica Lundy, Chris Fraser, Kate Stirr

2011: Amy M. Ho, Alexa Alexander, David W. Johnson

2012: Matthew Gottschalk and Michael Mersereau

2013: Simon Pyle and Claire Colette

2014: Katherine Rhoades, David Mohr, Gwynessa Balvanz

2015: Sara Kerr and Megan Ender

2016: Joel Frank

2017: Kate Pruitt

2018: Amy Nathan

2019: Tashi Wangdhu and Lindsay Rothwell


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