The Jay DeFeo Foundation, a private foundation, was established under the terms of the will of the artist Jay DeFeo (1929–1989) to encourage the arts and/or artists, preserve her works, and further their public exposure. The Foundation fosters and shares knowledge about DeFeo’s art and life and the greater art historical context in which she worked. The Foundation owns and administers the artist’s art, archive, and intellectual property as charitable resources to further public access to and understanding of DeFeo’s creative works and ideas. It accomplishes this mission by collaborating on exhibitions and publications, facilitating placement of the artist’s works in public collections, and encouraging and supporting conservation, research, education, and scholarship.

As an established artist-endowed foundation, the Jay DeFeo Foundation welcomes opportunities to share information about professional practice with other artists’ foundations and, where helpful, provides information about its experience to artists who are documenting their oeuvres.










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